CEO / Joji Itakura

Joji Itakura

Itakura started his carrier as a system and internal control consultant at a system integration company, taking part in launching of a joint company with a known trading company. In October 2007 he joined Primal Corp. At Primal Corp., Itakura got involved with forming alliance between companies of different industries, creating business targeting strategy in order to prepare for oversea customers arrivals expected in 2020 Tokyo Olympics, formulating marketing strategy, domestic as well as foreign partner development, planning and sales assistance and creating new businesses.

Chairman / Atsushi Goto

Atsushi Goto

After working in the field of selling crude oils and overseas operation at a well known trading company, Goto has moved on to a famous telecom company. From year 2000 Goto joined Eupholink Corp., company which later became the Primal Corp. At year 2006 Goto became the director of Primal Corp., due to MBO of Eupholink. Since then Goto took part in many types of projects, such as mobile and IT related business planning, launching and marketing to, turning laboratory technology into new business, financial business and restaurant industry strategy planning, internet business planning and launching as well as various other projects. Goto became representative director and president of Primal Corp. since year 2014.

Vice President / Masahiro Aoyagi

Vice President
Masahiro Aoyagi

Aoyagi has worked for known financial management company as a securities analyst, in charge of various corporate studies. Aoyagi then moved on to marketing company and then to known think tank, involving himself in various projects number of project such as, business planning, formulating strategy, market studies and customer studies. From July 2003, Aoyagi joined Eupholink Corp. which later became the Primal Corp. Aoyagi is an professional of forging alliance with various companies, assistance in commercializing operation, business planning, formulating strategies, strategizing contents business, end user research, turning laboratory technology into new business as well as various others.

Director / Takashi Morigami

Takashi Morigami

At a well known global consulting firm, Morigami was involved in organization strategy, market entry strategy and marketing strategy projects. Morigami then moved on to music industry, at which he was in charge of planning and managing auditions, finding and educating new artists. Later he took part in a launch of entertainment venture company which was group corporate of a known telecom company. Morigami then moved on to Eupholink Corp. where he founded the Primal Corp. in year 2006. Morigami worked as representative director and president of Primal Corp. until January 2014.